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Eco-spirituality ~ The Language of the Space Between

Say the word God – try it – and what comes to mind? I imagine that the word will conjure up as many images, ideas, beliefs, doctrines, even ideologies as there are people doing the conjuring. It should come as no surprise that God conversations tend to be fraught with danger in both our public Read More…

Biocentric Living in the Space Between

(With gratitude to Rex Nelson for his image) This universe is sacred no matter how we name it, no matter how we celebrate and honor it ritually, no matter the meaning many people ascribe to it, both those who speak about environmental responsibility and those who understand the planet as that which can be exploited Read More…

Made of Water (And Stardust and Carbon)

It’s a privilege to introduce you to some people doing wonderful work at Climate of our Future, for whom the blog post below was written. In their own words, “Climate of Our Future is a blog meant to open a discussion of global climate change by providing articles, resources and opinions that provoke our readers Read More…

Green in Spirit ~ Green in Action

The intentionality with which I am learning to offer my eco-spiritual writings into the world has been a stretch for me, and a steep learning curve. Many “green” websites and organizations are providing their services as resource centers for projects of all kinds – recycling, urban farming, green housing, organic clothing – the list is Read More…

The Language of the Space Between . . .

Over the twenty plus years of my life as a clergy person, I have learned to talk often and easily about sacrament and ritual, about liturgy, forgetting that these words which might be second nature in a church context, are not otherwise commonplace. I forget, too, that even as I entered seminary, I had no Read More…


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