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The Space Between ~ We Know What it Looks Like

I’m beginning to understand two things: one, what I call the space between is the ground for holy exchange, not only between humans and the biotic world, but also between and among humans; and two, that the space between is hard to come by, even harder to hold. When I was in the process of Read More…

The Space Between Progressive and Evangelical ~ Is There Anyone Out There?

The other day I heard an aspiring clergy person argue that mainline progressive churches are doing our earth stewardship just fine, that it’s the evangelical conservative churches who are the stumbling blocks to the care of the earth. This budding young church leader is not alone. Among people in progressive churches I hear often that Read More…

Eco-spirituality, Episcopal Bishops, and Me

Two things of particular significance pop out with the bishops’ letter, and I am sure I will find more. One, the Bishops of the Episcopal Church have issued a call to repentance for the way in which the human species has engaged the earth community of which it is a part. To recognize that we Read More…

Eco-spirituality ~ From the Bishops of the Episcopal Church

This powerful letter is cause for celebration. I have posted it here in its entirety, without comment. In a separate post, I am offering a brief reflection and assigning that to several categories. As you know – at least those of you who are following my commitment of discovery of “what it means to inhabit Read More…

Picking up Trash = Worship?

Meaning emerges from an experience, over time and in many layers. It’s why our stories are so important. We go back to them again and again, deepening the meaning and import. The story that follows is one whose significance continues to evolve. Although the predominant relationship in this story is human to human, by touching Read More…


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