Human Privilege and Entitlement

Elephant Madness

I’d had an idea in mind as I framed this post as a guest blogger for The Big Green Purse, and – as I usually do – I held it against the tapestry of posts already on the Big Green Purse site. When I saw the image of the slain elephant, my own approach vanished.…

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Framing the Questions

Wendell Berry, whom I have never met but would like to, has taught me something of significant value: the question I have used to introduce this website is the wrong question. I am aware of the short-sightedness of the question, and yet I leave it on the site, as a reminder that sometimes the wrong…

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A Vocabulary Lesson ~ Ecotone (Sometimes ecotome)

The ecological work we need to be doing isn’t really coming from people of churches or from those outside churches, at least not with the urgency it requires. Take churches, for example, especially Mainline churches. This is from a 2008 article in the Boston Globe. “(yet) Protestant denominations are leaving many of their small churches…

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