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There is no “We” in White

I can’t seem to find my starting point today, the week of Alton Sterling’s killing in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile’s killing in Minnesota, and now the fatal shootings in Dallas. So I’ll begin with what I know. The planet – the biosphere – is a web, interconnected, and interdependent. Everything provides sustenance – and Read More…

Sense of Place ~ The Layers Part Two

Wendell Berry, among others, writes about love of place. If you love a place, you’re not likely to destroy it. In the first of this series, I wrote about love of place as a child loves place, knowing place as a child knows place. To know place and to love place are not the same Read More…

Courage Earth Retreat

For those of you who might not yet be familiar with the work of The Center for Courage and Renewal, I am including a link to a richer explanation. Sally and I would love to host you at the Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center, with its extraordinary relationship to the Columcille Natural Park, a park rooted in Read More…

Courage Earth ~ Invitation to a Retreat

with thanks to Rex Nelson for his photographs   If you are reading this and know nothing about the work of The Center for Courage and Renewal, I hope this will offer enough background to whet your desire to know more. If you do know some about the work of The Center, I would like Read More…

Rainforest Eco-activist R.I.P.

“We don’t always know exactly what it is that creates social change. It takes everything from science all the way to faith, and it’s that fertile place right in the middle where really exceptional campaigning happens–and that is where I strive to be.” These were the words of Becky Tarbottom, a woman who died accidentally Read More…

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