The Bloom Box ~ A Compendium of Congregational Resources for Times of Renewal





 The Bloom Box resources were developed as a step-by-step “how to do it” process for congregations who had come to understand that their community’s spiritual renewal was not only possible (or essential) but desirable.  The “Box” consists of three pieces: a CD which carries the printable files of the O Come, O Come, A Manual {Leader’s guide :-}the DVD Congregations That Bloom which can be purchased separately; and a deck of cards to accompany the fifth resource, an all-congregational game Out on a Limb . . . together.

This process of congregation renewal begins with the DVD, in seven segments, with reflection questions accompanying each segment. This is followed by a multi-generational survey, to identify where the community stands at the moment, then moving quickly into a segment of Appreciative Inquiry.

Chapter Four of the manual begins the conversation around inclusive liturgy, and – based on the conclusions of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation – offers an alternative design template to the familiar linear structure. The example offered is from Liturgies from the Edge © by Caroline Fairless.

Chapter Five explores more deeply the DVD segment The Sounds of our Own Voices. Each actual example is structured as follows: the quotation itself (a real comment from a real human); invitation to role play and critique; reflection; and the opportunity to go deeper.

Finally, Chapter Six introduces the all-congregational game Out on a Limb . . . together. The accompanying deck of cards are caricature, and by definition, draw out the comic features of a personality type. The cards do not represent particular people. Rather, they offer a composite of a particular voice or personality type.

Visionary Family Dark-ages

The three-fold formula is simple:

I have an idea!

We can’t do that!

We could if . . . (brainstorm)

It’s a game of possibilities, of time-limited experiment, and evaluation. More than that, it’s a game which allows a congregation – young and adult – to play together, building relationships built on understanding and mutual respect. The game itself may also be purchased separately.


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