This section is really fun for me, because I have eclectic tastes and can put them all together in one place!

The field of psychology is beginning to explore the effects of ecological degradation on the human psyche. While many respond as a call to action, I experience a kind of low-level (sometimes acute) all-pervasive blanket of depression, sometimes numbness. It helps me to remember and acknowledge the voices of wisdom and experience who keep on writing/speaking the truth regardless of whether or not there are ears to hear it.

These resources of websites, books, DVD clips and blogs give me hope, remind me that I am not as isolated as I often think.

That said, I would like to hear from you, your own suggestions that might enrich this section for all of us. Please write through the Contact tab and offer a book title, or a blog post, or a DVD clip, or a website.

This is what I believe: we are out there. Our challenge is to identify one another and build a new circle.

Thank you.

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