Words such as environmentalism, natural, green, sustainability, anthropocentric, and others, mean different things to different people. My deep desire is – not that we all agree on the meaning of these concepts – but that you understand what I mean when I use these words.

For example, when I use the word sustainability, I am referring to the sustainability of Earth, not the sustainability of a human (anthropocentric) lifestyle that refuses to understand ourselves as an interdependent, interconnected, and integral part of most eco-systems.

For example, when I talk about the African concept of Ubuntu – I am because you are – I mean to include all creation in the “you”. I am because you (the human and non-human community) are. I believe this: we humans cannot heal this world until we understand ourselves as integral to but not primary in the wider earth community.

Rabbi Arthur Waskow describes the concept of Ubuntu with this phrase: the interbreath of life.

So, in this section I have named fundamentals, my desire is to get clear on what I mean by the language I use. It's important. The corporate world has usurped the words “green” and “natural” and “organic”.

This section of the website is an invitation to share with me and one another what these words and concepts mean to you.

Thank you.

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