Retreat Facilitator


Caroline is a retreat facilitator certified by The Center for Courage and Renewal, the non-profit organization founded by Parker Palmer and based on his teachings and writings. Her retreats reflect the established principles and practices of the Center, primary among them, creating safe space for all participants, Circles of Trust.

Retreats may adopt different forms; some will follow the Courage to Lead format, whose object is the personal and professional renewal of the participants. Such retreats are for anyone seeking ways to live an undivided life, to live with wholeness. They are for those who care about their community, their planet, and are seeking a place for personal renewal. It is for those who are troubled by injustice and violence and are struggling with their own sense of powerlessness.

Others will derive from the several themes of Caroline's book, The Space Between Church & Not-Church ~ a sacramental vision for the healing of our planet. As the space between . . . may be a new concept for people, it might be helpful to become acquainted with the first principle; think of it as the art of release. The invitation into the space between . . . requires that we be willing to let go – or at least hold with open hands – our opinions, beliefs, expertise, and all else that tends to divide us.

It is an apophatic, or self-emptying process, a process designed to foster humility, deep listening, respect for diversity, and often a call to compassionate action where the focus is the continued healing of the earth community.

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