Children at Worship ~ Congregations in Bloom


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Description ~ Developing a Multigenerational Community

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This is a book of many voices: voices of children; voices of their parents; voices of lay and ordained educators and leaders of worship; voices that cross denominations and speak from within and outside the Christian faith. This book carries the voices of tradition; the voices of the prophets and theologians; the voices of the artists. Mostly this is the collective voice of the child in all of us.

I wrote this book from three perspectives; each is woven into each chapter. First, I wrote as a leader and designer of worship. For those of you who do what I do, lay or ordained, my hope was to touch on the joys and difficulties, the hopes and promises of the kind of work that we do, weekly, seasonally, year in, year out. Second, I wrote from the experience and the stories of one particular church – Holy Family Church – in Half Moon Bay, California, where we had the glorious opportunity to create and then experience a new way of being a multi-generational community. Third, my hope was to carry a theological thread throughout each chapter. It not only matters what we do and how we do it, but why.

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