The Dance of the Caterpillars ~ In a Time Before Texting




Fisher (James Fisher Ford) is a child who often hears an exclamation point after his name, because he is usually in trouble. Fisher! He is an imaginative, sensitive 4th grader who doesn’t quite fit anywhere. His parents are in the process of divorce, and he is to go live with his father – a decision in which he did not participate, and which he chooses to deny.

fisher2_2In an increasingly mystical series of events, Fisher is invited into the metamorphosis of the caterpillars as they progress from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. The transformation of the caterpillars has its counterpart in this beloved child, who would give much to fly away with the butterflies but knows he must go home to the realities of his own life.

With his participation in the Dance of the Caterpillars, Fisher himself is likewise transformed, and can now engage his broken family from a new and healing perspective.

Ostensibly a book for children, The Dance of the Caterpillars ~ In a Time Before Texting touches the hearts of readers of all ages. It reminds us that our current technological capacities – although of value, has cost our children (and ourselves) a vital connection with the natural world of which we humans are an integral part.


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