The God Presumption


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This story begins as many good stories do, in an ancient mystery. Roughly fourteen billion years ago, a star collapsed unto itself and spewed its elements into the atmosphere. As often happens with stories, this one evolved with each telling until there were countless versions; but only one claimed the status of the one-true-God-story. This one-true-God story is the subject of Caroline Fairless’ book, The God Presumption.

The God Presumption,  pulls the mask from the androcentric god worshiped today by those of privilege, who live entitled, hold and wield power, and use this god to justify their behaviors. Fairless walks her readers through such elds as education, economics, anthropology, philosophy and religion, politics, and ecology, all the while naming the ever-present influence of this god in lives of the privileged. Fairless is clear about the cost to non-white, non-male cultures in the west. She is even more clear about the cost to the non-human world that constitutes the earth community. 

The God Presumption will be a welcome read for some, difficult, perhaps for others. Know that everywhere Fairless asks her readers to journey, she has already charted the way, including her lengthy immersion into what she calls “the waters of grief”


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